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Why Christmas Tree Fundraising with Blake's Christmas Trees?

Most individuals would rather support a local organization than a large chain store and you are selling a high demand product that people already buy anyway.

Nonprofit organizations often have many people associated with them who want to support them through their fundraisers. Frequently people will sign up to buy a tree even before it arrives.

• Easy to set up and administer
• Profitable-average profit range of $20 to $70 per tree!
• High seasonal demand for Christmas trees
• Little overhead expense
• Expert advice on planning a Christmas tree stand

Past organizations who have participated in our Christmas tree fundraiser include:

• Boy Scouts
• Girl Scouts
• Sports Teams: Basketball, Football, Soccer
• High School Bands
• Churches
• Cheerleading
• Dance Teams
• Booster Clubs
• Relay for Life Teams
• College Clubs, Fraternity & Sorority Groups

Why put together your own fundraising event with greenery and trees with us?

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To get started or learn more about our Christmas tree fundraising program, call or text us at (949) 806-9498.

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